Our flexible plans enable you to have the combination that best suits your project.

Pricing includes

  • Full editing
  • All fees for the musicians, conductor, producer, sound & recording engineer, post-processing to first mix and stems
  • Studio hire
  • Full copyrights on the recording

Please note:

  • Delivery format: stems only (including: 1st WW players + Section; 1st Trumpet, 1st Horn + Section)
  • Full Mix and Mastering are optional and require additional fee


Strings Symphonic
Shared Session, per minute (min 2 min) £180 £276
Dedicated Session, 3 hours* £3608 £5511
Dedicated Session, 4 hours** £5194 £8049


Strings Symphonic
Shared Session, Premium Plan (min 2 min) £285 £421
Dedicated Session, 3 hours*** £3989 £5892
Dedicated Session, 4 hours**** £5670 £8525


Strings Symphonic
Dedicated Session, 4 hours £1316 £2311


Full mix and mastering per hour of work £75
Full mix and mastering £900
Score preparation Quote per project
Arrangement Quote per project

Depending on your instrumentation:

  • Strings Sessions: Includes recording strings in multiple divisi. We offer two distinct sound styles:
    a) chamber string orchestra (8-7-5-4-2)
    b) full symphonic string orchestra (16-14-12-10-8 and above).
  • Symphonic sessions: We accommodate any orchestration (for more details, see:
  • Depending on the duration of your piece:

  • Shared sessions: These sessions are intended for small projects and offer a cost-effective way to record short works. We hold regular sessions in which we bring together other small productions so that you pay only for the recording of your music. We charge for a minimum of 2 minutes because even the shortest piece requires the musical and technical set-up time.
  • Dedicated sessions: These sessions are appropriate for longer projects. You can expect the following duration of recorded music:
  • *Standard Plan, Dedicated Session, 3 hours: record 20 minutes
  • **Standard Plan, Dedicated Session, 4 hours: record 30 minutes
  • ***Premium Plan, Dedicated Session, 3 hours: record 14 minutes
  • ****Premium Plan, Dedicated Session, 4 hours: record 20 minutes

All Dedicated Sessions include 20 minutes break for the musicians

Depending on level of complexity of your piece:

  • Standard Plan: This plan is suitable for most scores.
  • Premium Plan: This plan is required for scores of higher polyphonic and rhythmic complexity that require a large number of takes.

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