The Symphonova comprises of technologies developed by Shelley Katz over the last twenty-five years. Put together, these technologies create superior sound quality by using Instrumental loudspeakers and Symphonova Versatile Acoustic System™ (SVAS™) and also provide the conductor with full gestural control over virtual instruments.

Sound Quality

Instrumental Loudspeakers™ and SVAS™

Strings Instrumental Loudspeakers: Single Section

The most obvious way to create the sound and individual character of any acoustic instrument is to use the instrument itself. Instead of using conventional loudspeakers that are designed to propagate any sound, we converted String and Brass instruments into dedicated, instrument-specific loudspeakers - Instrumental Loudspeakers. For example, violins are turned into loudspeakers that are used for violin sounds only. The excerpt below is a compariosn of the sound of a solo violin and the sound of a Symphonova violin section. The first excerpt is played by a single violinist using no technology. In the second excerpt, the sound of a violin section is created by augmenting the sound of a soloist using Symphonova Instrumental Loudspeakers.

Strings Instrumental Loudspeakers: Full Section

The same principle is used to create the sound of a full string section. In the next excerpts, the same performance is played twice: first with the sound of Symphonova quintet only followed by the sound of Symphonova section using the string Instrumental Loudspeakers.

Brass Instrumental Loudspeakers™

Unlike the different string sections which, in most cases, play in unison, the woodwind and brass sections often play multiple independent lines. In Symphonova brass sections, the soloists play the first parts while the other parts are controlled by the symphonist, and are played through part-specific Brass instruments which were converted into Brass Instrumental Loudspeakers.

Symphonova Versatile Acoustic System™ (SVAS™)

The Symphonova’s Versatile Acoustic System provides an un-paralleled experience of immersive acoustic spaciousness comparable to the best concert halls even in small, dry locations or outdoors. Unlike other available solutions, Symphonova’s technology is easy to install and use, extremely robust, highly transportable and relatively inexpensive. Consequently, the Symphonova can perform the symphonic repertoire in a vast range of non-traditional venues, opening up almost endless new contexts for creating and listening to live orchestral performances.

Gestural Control

The Symphonova does not depend upon a playback of an audio recording, as done with karaoke. The symphonist wears a small electronic board which uses electronic wizardry to control the virtual instruments. Using conventional conducting gestures, the symphonist is able to communicate with the musicians present while simultaneously having full and instantaneous control over the virtual instruments.