Welcome Visionary Music Lover,

Imagine a superb orchestra; for everyone, anywhere.

How? A small group of musicians led by a conductor using innovative technology.

Driven by that vision, we are immersed in research and development and engage in a wide range of projects with artistic communities. We perform the largest orchestral scores with the Symphonova Orchestra in places that could never host a traditional symphony orchestra; and because of our small size, we are able to perform with unprecedented flexibility of expression. We collaborate with composers who turn to Symphonova’s capabilities to free their imagination from the boundaries of traditional orchestration. And we make high-quality orchestral recordings affordable. Towards that end, we recently launched an online software service that allows composers to create full orchestral ‘stems’. Also, using our technology, poor acoustics are transformed; we free venues from the constraints of their walls and spaces. In Opera and Music Theatre, Symphonova offers previously unimaginable capabilities, and we seek partners to explore and discover what is now possible.

We believe orchestral music is one of the major achievements of Western civilization. The development of the symphony orchestra started some 300 years ago. Now, we leverage technology to suit the orchestra to our time.

Our vision is for a world-wide network of Symphonova orchestras that perform symphonic music at the highest level of quality, in unusual venues and for new audiences. We leverage technology to refresh the very concept of the orchestra: how it works, what it can do, where it can perform and for whom.

We look forward to sharing the renewed orchestra with you.